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Sangeet Bhuvan -- Dedicated to Hemanta Mukherjee ( the Legendary Singer, the greatest exponent of Rabindra Sangeet, the versatile Music Director & the Doyen of Bengali, Hindi Music -- is an unique source of Old Bengali, Hindi Film Songs, Rabindra Sangeet, Nazrul Sangeet, Hindi Bhajan.
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    Audio >>   Listening Troubleshooting :

Multimedia Files are quite big to be available for listening despite its streaming capability. All the songs in this site have been recorded keeping in mind the lowest dial-up modem (28 KBS speed ) used by a listener so that that listener with such modem can listen to these streaming media based music files. If you have low-speed dial-up modem, make sure you don't surf other websites concurrently while listening to songs from a website. This applies to other websites that offer Streaming Media files to be listened instantly.

Please don't DISABLE COOKIES knowingly or Unknowingly. Without Cookies, you can't listen at all any songs even the free ones. Please take note about it. To check if Cookies are disabled, click the url Check Cookie Enabling Status. If you are taking to the Music Site Update Page, then your browser accept cookies and you are ready to go for listening. If you are taken to the Cookie Disabled Status Page, then your browser has been made to deny Cookies. In that situation, you have to follow the links given in that page to enable Cookie for a particular Browser.

As mentioned earlier, the Multimedia Files take time to load despite being its streaming status if you have low bandwidth capable modem. This situation gets worse when Network congestion takes place because of not enough bandwidth available and your surfing too many websites concurrently while listening to songs online. So, after selecting a number of songs and clicking the Play Button, please be patient so that server can be contacted by the Real Player to access the Multimedia File. For any other problems, please check the following instructions.

Unable to connect to the Server :

A number of listener may encounter this error Message "Unable to connect to the Server". This problem is related to the Connection to the Server by Real Player. If any listener especially in South Asia encounters this problem, you can rectify if, by following the instructions below.

RealPlayer Connection Troubleshooting

"Cannot connect" errors generally mean that RealPlayer did not connect to the computer that serves the media content (the server); they may also mean that the link you clicked is out-of-date. Common "cannot connect to server" errors include:

  • Cannot connect to server.
  • Cannot connect to server, the link you requested may be inaccurate or out-of-date.
  • Connection to the server could not be established. You may be experiencing network problems.
  • Connection to server has been lost. You may be experiencing network problems.
  • Connection to server has timed out. You may be experiencing network problems.
  • Unable to connect to server.
  • Unable to establish a connection with the server.

Connection errors that occur on specific sites or that only occur once in a while are not usually a cause for concern. Occasional errors tend to occur when traffic is high on the Internet, the site hosting the files is down, or the site hosting the file has been moved.

Connection errors that occur at all sites on a recurring basis indicate a problem with RealPlayer connection configuration or your Internet connection. To allow RealPlayer to connect, you may need to reconfigure RealPlayer or your security software.

If you get one of these errors, it may mean that RealPlayer did not receive enough information to maintain a connection to the server, or that RealPlayer stopped receiving information from the server for an extended period and could not maintain the connection. The problem could be caused by excessive network traffic on the Internet, your Internet Service Provider (ISP), or a local area network (LAN) connection.

Solution 1: Determine if the problem is with the specific file.

To rule out a problem with the file itself, try playing sample files:

1. Open http://service.real.com/test/ in your Web browser.
2. Click the links that match your connection speed. Dial-up modem users should choose the 28K or 56K links.

If the sample files play, then the problem may be with the specific Web site, or with the file you were trying to play. This may be a temporary problem of high traffic or technical difficulties. Try again later, or contact the Webmaster of the site to alert them to the problem.

Solution 2: Check RealPlayer’s online status setting.

RealPlayer detects online status by default. If this detection fails, RealPlayer may be incorrectly set to Work Offline mode. If you are using a network connection or have a cable modem or DSL connection, you can override this detection and force RealPlayer to assume you are online all the time.

To change the online status of RealPlayer:

1. In RealPlayer on the Tools menu, click Preferences. The Preferences box opens.
2. In the Category pane, click Connection.
3. Click the Assume I am online option.
4. Click OK.
5. Restart RealPlayer.

Solution 3: Test your connection speed.

1. In RealPlayer, click the Tools menu, and then select Preferences. The Preferences box opens.
2. In the Category pane, click Connection.
3. Click the Test Connection button, then the Perform Test button to determine your current connection speed.
4. Click the Update button to set your minimum bandwidth preference.
5. Click OK.
6. Try to play the clip again.

Solution 4: Increase the time-out settings, and try playing the clip again.

1. In RealPlayer, click the Tools menu, and then select Preferences. The Preferences box opens.
2. In the Category pane, click Connection.
3. Under Network Time-out, increase the time-out settings by 10 seconds.
4. Click OK.
5. Try to play the clip again.
6. If you still have problems, increase the time-out settings by another 10 seconds and try again.

Keep trying until the clip plays or it becomes obvious that increasing the time-out settings will not resolve this problem. Increasing this time also increases the time you wait for a time-out message to appear.

Solution 5: Play the clip when the network and Internet are less busy.

If you are unable to play the clip after trying these suggestions, try connecting to the clip at a different time.

Solution 6: Configure your personal firewall or security software to allow RealPlayer access to the Internet.

Firewalls must be configured to allow realplay.exe to have two-way access to the Internet before audio or video can be played. Consult the manufacturer of your firewall software if you are unsure how to grant this access.

Solution 7: Verify that your corporate firewall or proxy allows RealPlayer access to the Internet.

Corporate local area networks (LANs) or commercial Internet Service Providers (ISPs) often use a firewall or proxy to limit traffic and protect their users' computers from unauthorized access. If these ports are specifically restricted by your firewall, you will need to configure your Connection Preferences to use your firewall’s settings.

By default, the RealPlayer uses the following ports to connect:

- TCP 80, 554, 4040, 7070, 8080, 443 (SSL for sign-in), 1755 (MMS Windows Media requests)
- UDP 6970-32,000, 1755 (MMS Windows Media resend requests)
- HTTP 80 (AU, Messaging Service, and HTTP Cloaking)

RealPlayer configurations will override these defaults. Contact your network administrator for further assistance.

Solution 8: Contact your ISP or network administrator for assistance.

If you are still unable to connect, the problem may be with your computer network settings. Contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) or network administrator for the information you need to regain connection.

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